Archives for November 25, 2004

Home for the Holidays

My wife has contributed to the blog! Here’s what she has to say:

Home for the holidays?? Sorry Mom?….

I usually DO the holidays, but this year I can?t. I am recovering from surgery, so we are going to Mom?s. I just called her house, it does not sound good, my eldest daughter is unhappy and surly, and my sister sounds stressed and disgusted. Mom is exhausted.

Get out the hose.

One of my favorite movies is Home for the Holidays with Holly Hunter. Charles Durning turning the water hose on his son and son in law, fist fighting in the front yard is the best. We all have dysfunctional families. That?s what family is all about. If I knew anyone with a picture perfect family, I would bow down and say BS! Where are you hiding the stress of real life? My only job this year is to cook the Turkey. So, Mom called me yesterday asking “will the turkey will have crisp skin?” ( I hope so)… “will it will be moist?” ( that?s the plan) and “do you plan to cook it until done?” (well, no, I plan to give everyone in the house the dread underdone turkey disease?the trots).

What kind of weird family do I have? One just like yours?