Target has what You’re Looking For

A screen capture of an unusual holiday offering:
happy holidays, hophead

I suspect the original link will be “broken” (meaning fixed) by the time you read this, but here it is:
Update: now the link is broken.

FYI, heroin did’t match anything on their site.

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unified field theories my tushie

the prostitute here may be responsible for some of the other gifts...


I am NOT making these up. And that’s the fun part!


  1. “Heroin” was the Bayer brand name used to sell diacetylmorphine in the U.S. (and presumably, elsewhere) and was legally sold in the U.S. until the early 20th Century.

    My grandfather had taken it for migranes and like a good frugal Methodist minister, saved the empty wooden boxes with the paper “Heroin” labels.

    As a child in the ’50s I used to play with the empty boxes as building blocks. I have no idea what happened to them, pitched out I suspect.

    I wonder if Bayer still owns the “Heroin” trademark?

  2. Shopping online at

    The marajuana link is now broken
    as is the “Anal Massage” link that worked 10 days ago.

    Currently you can still buy ‘Dumbasses’ at Target.
    However, tonight’s prize is this ‘unmentionable’:

    Someone is seriously hacking Target’s online shopping site. I’m surprised that their website management has not been able to stop it.

  3. Another item for sale at

    Unified field theories of more than 4 dimensions: Including exact solutions

  4. Toby,
    Where are you finding these?

  5. Ah, you want my secret stash, eh?

    Actually, most (but not all) of them come from the comments on the entries of and

    I use the RSS aggregator of ‘My Yahoo’ to show entries from those sites on my “My Yahoo” page. In addition, the aggregator posts entries from Gruntdoc, The Lingual Nerve, and Emergency Medicine news articles from to “My Yahoo”.

    In fact, I find RSS aggregator capabilities so impressive that I use two other engines to accumulate from sites of secondary interest. MyFeedster has some pretty impressive RSS search capabilities, both for finding words/phrases in RSS/XML-formatted blogs and for finding the blog URL for aggregating (which is different from the URL I’d use for browsing).

    In addition, Google searches out terms from over 5.4 million blogs by typing the term into the search window AFTER this entry: [blogs OR Weblogs]. There are 27,600 hits for [blogs OR Weblogs gruntdoc].

  6. And to think…I was so close to having the unified theory of everything put together. I guess I’ll just burn my notes. ;-)


  1. Unusual Target Offering

    As of this post the link was still good.

    It's going to be a wonderful Holiday Season! 

    via GruntDoc

  2. Holiday Shopping with Target

    GruntDoc has apparently been doing some online shopping with Target. An interesting find:

    There is a link as well…we’ll see how long this lasts.

    Perhaps Target is optimistic about the Supreme Court’s