Archives for December 1, 2004


I have finally gotten around to linking to a lot of the medical blogs I’ve missed. I have no excuse other than this method takes a little time (make a little picture, etc), and that this is a hobby, not my life. Really. I can quit whenever I want.

I note there are a significant number of psychiatrists in my new additions, and wonder what that means. Or, if my noticing it means something. Calling Dr. Freud.

If I haven’t linked to you, it’s NOT because I am snubbing you. It’s because a) I don’t know you exist (sorry), b) you’re brand new (a lot of blogs get off to a rollicking start and are then abandoned within a month or so), or c) you haven’t posted in more than a month when I come to call. This causes me to wonder if you’ve abandoned your blog, and I have enough dead links to close friends to add dead links to strangers.

So, go and read some of these other medical blogs!

Day by Day Returns

Day by Day, an excellent cartoon, is back! Go, and enjoy.