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Bad Day

Bad Day

Just in case you thought your day was bad…

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Update: the last frame is a fake, the rest is real.

Self-heating coffee – Single-serving coffee can heats itself

Beginning Jan. 2, consumers can buy a 10-ounce container of Wolfgang Puck gourmet latte at the store and heat it by pressing a button. No electricity. No batteries. No appliances.

“It will expand the way people drink coffee,” says Puck, the celebrity chef with a growing empire.

How does the can do it? A single step mixes calcium oxide (quicklime) and water. It heats the coffee to 145 degrees in six minutes and stays hot for 30 minutes.

{Monty Burns}Excellent!{/Monty Burns}

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Medblogs Grand Rounds 13


…These are not just clones budding throughout the medical blogosphere; rather, we are watching unique individuals produced with information crossed, passed, and punctuated by bloggists who are inhabitants all over the map of modern health care. It’s a remarkable phenomenon — an evolution in front of our eyes…so keep watching. It’s sure to produce many new beings. here’s a sampling of this week’s best.

MedBlogs Grand Rounds is up!

Thank you have good car control?

Watch this film, then think again. – Fancy Driving

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