Military Wounded Eligible to Stay

From INTEL DUMP –, comes the following excellent news:

In a shift in military culture, the U.S. armed forces have recently announced new efforts to keep seriously wounded or disabled soldiers on active duty. Although there is no clear written policy, the sentiment is being echoed down from the White House.

“When we’re talking about forced discharge, we’re talking about another age and another” military, President Bush told wounded soldiers at Walter Reed last year. “This is a new age, and this is a new [military]. Today, if wounded service members want to remain in uniform and can do the job, the military tries to help them stay.”

It’s never made any sense to me that the service medically retired people who actually wanted to be there, if they could do the job. It’s doubly silly with our current force, made up of volunteers, i.e., people who really want to be there to start with.

I wouldn’t make this compulsory, but it’s a terrific opportunity for those who want to stay, and, frankly motivating to the other soldiers: he was wounded, survived, and can still do the job.

Hoo Rah.