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Well, I’ve gotten through Halo2 a couple of times (on easy, I’m not superman), and I have to say it’s visually better than the first, but the ending leaves something to be desired.

I’m also more than a little disappointed that their “Xbox live compatible” game will not play the campaign mode over Live, just the one-on-one and team games. Lame.

It’d make a good xmas gift for a kid who doesn’t already have one. Or a medblogger. Hehe.


From Black Triangle comes this horrific surgical misadventure:

I hate when that happens

Click to read it. Then try to imagine explaining this to your patient!

also posted on LingualNerve

MSN “Spaces”

Microsoft (a little mom&pop software setup in a rainforest) has discovered blogs, and now has their own weblog service, Spaces, which they describe as:

With MSN Spaces, you can easily create and manage your blog from your computer or your mobile phone. It’s a great way to share information and photos with your friends and family. And best of all, it’s free!*

(There’s always an asterisk or two with MS).

Before you get all excited and start your own weblog, a reading of the fine print is in order. Which is where Mr. Jones comes in. Leave it to a lawyer to read the fine print, and find it objectionable:

For materials you post or otherwise provide to Microsoft related to the MSN Web Sites (a “Submission”), you grant Microsoft permission to (1) use, copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, reproduce, edit, modify, translate and reformat your Submission, each in connection with the MSN Web Sites, and (2) sublicense these rights, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law. Microsoft will not pay you for your Submission. Microsoft may remove your Submission at any time. For each Submission, you represent that you have all rights necessary for you to make the grants in this section. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Microsoft may monitor your e-mail, or other electronic communications and may disclose such information in the event it has a good faith reason to believe it is necessary for purposes of ensuring your compliance with this Agreement, and protecting the rights, property, and interests of the Microsoft Parties or any customer of a Microsoft Party.

(Small print added for our occasional lawyer visitors).

There are alternatives, Blogger, for instance. I started there, and left, but it’s still better than letting MS have your blog.

Just say NO to Spaces.*

*Just kidding, in case some MS lawyer reads this and wants to sue me. I can have asterisks, too.

?Over? Medicated America

How on earth is it that this many people take prescription medications?


Military Wounded Eligible to Stay

From INTEL DUMP –, comes the following excellent news:

In a shift in military culture, the U.S. armed forces have recently announced new efforts to keep seriously wounded or disabled soldiers on active duty. Although there is no clear written policy, the sentiment is being echoed down from the White House.

“When we’re talking about forced discharge, we’re talking about another age and another” military, President Bush told wounded soldiers at Walter Reed last year. “This is a new age, and this is a new [military]. Today, if wounded service members want to remain in uniform and can do the job, the military tries to help them stay.”

It’s never made any sense to me that the service medically retired people who actually wanted to be there, if they could do the job. It’s doubly silly with our current force, made up of volunteers, i.e., people who really want to be there to start with.

I wouldn’t make this compulsory, but it’s a terrific opportunity for those who want to stay, and, frankly motivating to the other soldiers: he was wounded, survived, and can still do the job.

Hoo Rah.


I have finally gotten around to linking to a lot of the medical blogs I’ve missed. I have no excuse other than this method takes a little time (make a little picture, etc), and that this is a hobby, not my life. Really. I can quit whenever I want.

I note there are a significant number of psychiatrists in my new additions, and wonder what that means. Or, if my noticing it means something. Calling Dr. Freud.

If I haven’t linked to you, it’s NOT because I am snubbing you. It’s because a) I don’t know you exist (sorry), b) you’re brand new (a lot of blogs get off to a rollicking start and are then abandoned within a month or so), or c) you haven’t posted in more than a month when I come to call. This causes me to wonder if you’ve abandoned your blog, and I have enough dead links to close friends to add dead links to strangers.

So, go and read some of these other medical blogs!

Day by Day Returns

Day by Day, an excellent cartoon, is back! Go, and enjoy.