Santa Physics: Improved Science

PhysOrg: The Physics of Santa Claus

…”Santa obviously has an ion-shield of charged particles, held together by a magnetic field, surrounding his entire sleigh. This is how he solves the heat problem,”…
“Likewise, Santa Claus doesn?t travel in our four dimensions (remember that time is the fourth dimension), but makes use of some 11 dimensions. These dimensions make it quite easy to pick up gifts from his warehouse at the North Pole,” emphasises Oedegaard, while Nils Lid Hjort and Gaute Einevoll feel that recent string-theory allows for the use of at least 26 dimensions.

The more dimensions, the easier to deliver gifts.

Many answers to the real physics of Santa. Read the whole thing, which debunks the silly “Santa’d burn up going so fast” simplistic physics.

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