Survivor: Texas Style

Due to the popularity of the Survivor shows on television, Texas is planning to do one entitled, “Survivor: Texas Style”.

The contestants will all start in Dallas, then drive to Waco, Austin, San Antonio, over to Houston and down to Brownsville. They will then proceed up to Del Rio, El Paso, Midland/Odessa, Lubbock and Amarillo.

From there they will go on to Abilene, Fort Worth and finally back to Dallas.

Each will be driving a pink Volvo with bumper stickers that read: “I’m gay; I love the Dixie Chicks; Boycott Beef; I voted for Al Gore, in 2000; George Strait Stinks; Kerry in ’04; Hillary in ’08 and I’m here to confiscate your guns.”

The first one who makes it back to Dallas alive is the winner.

And a much braver man than me.

Update: I did not invent this, I got it as one of those forwarded, and therefore unattributable emails. Not Invented Here.


  1. No link? Did you invent this?

    Not to say that you’re not clever enough to invent this, ya know, but I want to give credit where it due when I send this to a friend


  2. ha, that’s hilarious :)
    of course, they’d all end up hiding out in austin.

  3. It’s Cannonball Run with real cannons!

    Just kidding. They would be safe in west Texas. We’re actually quite tolerant when we’re not blogging.

    Their greatest danger would be falling asleep at the wheel on those desolate stretches of Interstate 20.


  1. DANG

    So today is apparently the day to just post funny stuff. This one’s for all my reality show addicted friends: Survivor: Texas Style…

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