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Hot Wheels Airplane, and Fine Print

From my brother, the AG:

One of (nephew’s) new Hot Wheels is an airplane with several lines of incredibly tiny text on one wing. The macro mode of our new Nikon is even better than a super-magnifying glass, so you can read it:

There's Always Small Print
click photo to see fine print

If you can read this type you possibly
have way too much free time and you
should consider getting a hobby like
flying an airplane just for the heck of
it. It might start you thinking about
trying other new things. Who knows
you might just be the next real flying ace.

Note to MSNBC:

To: MSNBC News
Fr: GruntDoc
Re: Military Nomenclature

Please note that members of the Armed Forces are identified commonly by service (i.e., Soldier=Army, Sailor=Navy, Marine=Marine, Airman=Air Force, etc.), and additionally by rank (not at issue here).

Therefore, when you describe members of the US Navy as “Soldiers” in the subtitle of your article on the recent grounding of a US submarine, you might appear to be out of touch with, well, centuries of service tradition.

Soldier, Sailor, whatever

There are indeed occasions wherein Soldiers might be passengers (“Combat Cargo”) aboard Navy ships, but this seems not to be the case.

I am glad the remainder of the article describes Navy men as Sailors, perhaps making this only a gigantic typo, and not a sign of cluelessness. Perhaps.

Update: fixed.