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Emergency Department Errors: No Help Here

From the most recent Academic Emergency Medicine (Volume 12, Number 1 57-64) comes an article with a very intriguing title: Patient Concerns about Medical Errors in Emergency Departments. As a practicing EP I’m very interested in ED errors and their prevention. Unfortunately, there’s nothing here to help; fortunately, no-one but residency directors reads this journal anyway. (But more than read this site, so my snarkyness loses edge).

The article itself isn’t bad, but the problem is that the “errors” that are presented are heresay and unsubstantiated, leading to the conclusion that the ED is a hugely error-prone place to be. It may or may not be, and this isn’t going to settle the matter.
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Most interesting blog link (to me)

…is this blog, ScoreCard Signals. It’s in Japanese. The blogger is a Hospital Manager in Osaka, Japan, and his blog has very pretty graphics. I presume the text is good, too, but that’s just a guess.