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2004 Best Medical Weblog Award Winner!


2004 Medblogs Awards

The 2004 Medical Weblog Awards

We are very proud to present the winners of The 2004 Medical Weblog Awards in the following four categories:
The Best Medical Weblog of 2004: GruntDoc
The Best New Medical Weblog (established in 2004): The Cancer Blog
The Best Clinical Sciences Weblog: CodeBlueBlog
The Best Health Policies/Ethics Weblog: symtym

I’m extremely gratified at winning, and lack the right words for the occasion. I’m astonished someone other than my mom reads this, and thank you all, especially those who took the time to vote.

The winners of the other fields are excellent blogs, and are way, way better than this one. I encourage everyone to go and visit them (but then come back here).

For the record, both GruntDoc and Symtym are graduates of the Fresno Emergency Medicine Residency, and if that’s not a dynasty, it has no meaning. I’m sure they’ll be adding this fact to their recruiting brochures tomorrow.

Wholehearted thanks to Drs. Ostrovsky, Geldard, and Choi for this contest. I don’t think they anticipated shenanigans, but that’s what they got, and they are to be commended for fixing the problems and moving forward. For the record, my thumbwrestling challenge stands. I hope to see you all on the speaking tour.

Also, many thanks to the sponsors, Steve Hoffman with MedScape and MedGadget (a subsidiary of EchoJournal).

Again, thank you all, and please come back!
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