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JibJab: Second Term Everyone else will be linking to this, so why not me? JibJb has their latest out, and literally just in time for the inaguration.

Funny, like the others.

Der Spiegel Online links to the C-130 Pics

Welcome, Der Spiegel visitors!

Today, I got two heads-up in the comments of a post about C-130 crash photos posted here January the 7th.

Der Spiegel Online picked up the story, and published the photos, with as the source caption (which is how the commenters found their way here).

I have no idea what the article says, as my German is non-existent. Another blog link in a language I don’t speak. I sense a theme for the week…

Update: ran the above through a Bablefish translation, and it’s essentially the same story, citing Aviation Week & Space Technology as the source of the story.

More bad reasons to bring your child to the ER

From an Undislosed Location

More bad reasons to bring your child to the ER

1. For crying for a half hour, then sleeping, then crying again (infants tend to do this)
2. For vomiting…once

Good, I’m not the only one making these lists…

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