A Word of thanks to the Computer backup gods

Tonight, while trying to teach my old blog new tricks, I managed to corrupt my .htaccess file. If you aren’t now giggling or having tears stream down your face, good, that means you’re normal.

For the rest of us, I lucked out: I had a recent full backup and was able to restore just that file from the backup. Hallelujah.

I will now go and faint for a while.


  1. autolycos says:

    Repeat after me: it’s not a backup ’til it’s an off-site backup.

    One day at work, the supervisor kept boffing the same file. I had to go get it from tape 4 times. I have never since worked on live data if I didn’t have to.

  2. Actually, it was an off-site backup! Yippee!