Hand Cleaning Snot

Really, isn’t that what our new “waterless hand cleaner” looks like?

Hand Cleaning Snot

I decided to call it that when I had a dispenser malfunction and got some on my pristine lab coat, then found it a few minutes later but didn’t know what it was. “Mucous” was the polite version of my initial eval, then I figured it out the next time I used the same dispenser, having an ‘aha’ moment with the coat.

Yeah, I’ll still use it, but I’m not happy about its appearance.


  1. Actually, I’ve become a convert to the waterless scrub. My hands used to get so raw from scrubbing (especially in the winter). About a year ago our hospital added the disinfectant lotion as an accepted means of scrubbing for surgery. I was skeptical at first, but tried it. It’s faster, and my hands are no longer raw in the dry air of heated buildings in the winter. I even keep a stash in my office for use after seeing patients.

  2. Too funny!
    When that stuff hit the market, I thought it was going to be a life saver for my OCD handwashing germphobic son (then 8 years old, now 13)
    BUT NOOOOoooooooooooo cause it looks and feels like snot!
    If you make him use it, he has to go wash his hands for 10 minutes!!!!

    We did find that handiwipes work well in the classroom to keep him from running to the bathroom a zillion times a day to wash his hands.

    But the ‘antibacterial snot’ is exactly what HE calls it!!!

    Would be nice to have him use it since I take Cellcept & prednisone … but he won’t even let US touch him if WE use it.

    Soo funny to see someone else call it snot. I’ll have to show him your blog, he’ll get a kick out of it (He’ll also say “I told ya so!”

  3. My favorite is the alcohol foam dispensers when they are near empty–they spit little spots of foam all over the place. Several times I’ve gone into see patients and have all this foam all over the front of my pants.

    Love the stuff though, no more chapped hands in winter.

  4. Snot? Err… looks more like sperm in the picture. :)

  5. While thinking about the stuff, I asked a nurse, who had just watched me get it out of the dispenser, “what does this look like to you?”

    …blank stare back…

    “Looks like snot to me”, said I.

    “Ohh, I was thinking of something else”, said she.

    I have resolved not to ask people questions of that sort from now on.

  6. DuluthDoc says:

    The dispensers are notorious for “partially clogging”, making it a complete crapshoot as to whether it’s going into your hand, onto your coat, or against the wall…….

  7. ONe of our docs likes to dispense it into his palm, then carry it around for awhile like he doesn’t realize it’s there, then try to look innocent when people say, “what’s that???”

  8. Now, thet’s just yucky.

  9. A few studies have actually found that the waterless cleansers do a better job of cleaning hands than soap and water. They also found that nurses and doctors use them more frequently, as they are less harsh to skin and far more convenient. In some hospitals, staff members just carry a small container in their pockets so they can literally “wash their hands on the run.”