Mobile virus infects Lexus cars

This belongs here because all docs drive Lexus cars, right?

SC Magazine

Lexus cars may be vulnerable to viruses that infect them via mobile phones. Landcruiser 100 models LX470 and LS430 have been discovered with infected operating systems that transfer within a range of 15 feet.

“If infected mobile devices are scary, just thinking about an infected onboard computer..,” said Eugene Kaspersky, head of anti-virus research at Russian firm Kaspersky. “We do know that car manufacturers are integrating existing operating systems into their onboard computers (take the Fiat and Microsoft deal, for instance).”

It is understood the virus could affect the navigation system of the Lexus models, it transfers onto them via a Bluetooth mobile phone connection. It is still unclear which operating system the cars in question use.

I’ve given this about 20 seconds of thought, and am still wondering why anyone would go to the trouble of writing a virus to screw up a Lexus.

The only answer I come up with is they’re trying to hack the security system, to make it easier to steal. Nothing else makes sense, unless it’s kids trying to prove they can break something.

Glad my car isn’t bluetooth capable. I’d be turning it off.

Update: Or, it’s a competitor (Mercedes, Porsche, Buick (snicker)).


  1. autolycos says:

    Behold, the geek-fu of the Yugo…

    You’re sure it wasn’t written by Critical Massers?

  2. I guess my wife was right after all when she put her foot down and refused to let me add the navigation system to our last purchase. ;-)

  3. Plenty of people do stuff like that for fun, for the technical challenge.