More bad reasons to bring your child to the ER

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More bad reasons to bring your child to the ER

1. For crying for a half hour, then sleeping, then crying again (infants tend to do this)
2. For vomiting…once

Good, I’m not the only one making these lists…

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  1. Could just be colick…or perhaps the child in #1 had intussusception. Krafty little buggers.

  2. I have worked telephone triage, and you would not believe the “illnesses” that people think are ER material. My favorites:

    Parent: My child threw up, do I need to bring him in?
    Nurse (me): How many times has he vomited?
    Parent: Only once.
    Nurse: Does he have a fever?
    Parent: No
    Nurse: Any trouble breathing?
    Parent: No.
    Nurses: What is he doing now?
    Parent: Watching TV and trying to hit his brother.
    Nurse: So why on earth do you want to bring him to the ER?
    Parent: Well isn’t vomiting dangerous for a 5 year old?

    If she told me that her five year old had NEVER vomited, then I would be concerned. I just couldn’t believe that she wanted to bring her kid to the ER, espeically since this was mid-week and her pediatrician had office hours!

    Other parental concerns: my six week old baby isn’t sleeping at night, should I bring her in? My son is unconscious–I really don’t want to call 911–can you just send an ambulance quietly?