Archives for February 8, 2005

Google Maps

Sell your Mapquest stock, Google Maps (beta) is here. I like it, but don’t take my word for it, play with it yourself.

Medblogs Grand Rounds XX

medmusings: Grand Rounds XX
Another excellent roundup, by a doctor on vacation!

As I read earlier today, read it all, or you will not have read it all.

The ED Doc as Sisyphus

It’s well known that Americas’ ED’s are very busy, and getting busier through a confluence of factors. The fabulous people who work there really work for a living, and recently I’ve been just amazed that they keep coming back.

A colleague remarked to me once that “…we work like there’s an end to it, like we can get it done, but there is no end.” I think that’s a good explanation of the task.

Some days I feel like Sisyphus in Hades, rolling the rock up the hill, but never quite getting it done. All my colleagues work harder than me, and I salute everyone who does the job.