Archives for February 9, 2005

Lifelong Learning and Self Assessment

LLSA is the newest certification requirement from my specialty board, ABEM. It’s a yearly test (called Emergency Medicine Continuous Certification, “EMCC”) over a set of articles meant to review topics relevant to emergency medicine. I have to take them in order to be eligible to retest for board certification in about 9 years.

I just finished the first test (released in 2004, and available for 3 years, so it’s not very deadline-driven), and it was a fair test of the material. Although there’s no CME associated with the test itself, I used a review course to prepare, and that did come with CME, so it’s covered.

I wonder, though, as more and more medical specialties go to LLSA, will the states look at passage of the LLSA as either a) a sign of adequate CME, or b) a requirement for continued licensure? I’m all for the former, but against the latter.

LLSA is, by the way, a really horrible acronym. EMCC is a little better.

Apollo Panorama

This is the coolest thing I’ve seen all year. People have stitched together the Apollo mission moon photos into panoramas, and they’re just astounding to see. Apollo 11 – 17 Mission First man on the Moon – Fullscreen QTVR photo from

Scroll down to the “click to see panorama button(s), and enjoy the free show.