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MedBlogs Grand Rounds XXI

Sumer’s Radiology Site

This weeks’ Grand Rounds marks the 21st in the weekly roundup of the best posts of the medical blogosphere. This is the first time that the grandrounds have come to India.

More international goodness, with cartoons. One of which may well stir discussion.

Electronic Medical Records

Today Medpundit gives the latest update in her FP offices’ quest to ‘go paperless’. It’s sobering reading.

Dr. Smythe (pseudonym) there has an upbeat attitude, but is very clear that the changeover is stressing the staff out. It’s good to read.

And it brings up my current gripe with EMR, especially as it relates to EM. To my (limited) knowledge most of the EMR’s out there are just glorified word processors. There’s nothing wrong with word processors, except that they slow practices down, not speed them up.

Additionally, the programming isn’t terribly advanced. Things in the HPI need to trigger automatic exams, etc. Abnormal lab results need to be adressed, and at least suggested in the diagnosis box.

I’m very interested in MedPundit’s trials and tribulations on this issue, and look forward to her next post.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

There’s excellent explanations of this most Hallmark of days at the History Channel site.

Go and educate yourself, then baffle your sewwtie with your knowledge of the day!