Archives for February 20, 2005

I talked to a Colleague from Another Universe

at AAEM the other day. He was a year ahead of me at my residency, and he’s a terrific, personable guy. He also works in Another Universe From Me (koff – Kaiser – koff).

While in the Exhibitors’ Area I ran into my friend, and we discussed our opinions on some things we’d seen: wound cleansing apparati and ultrasound gadgets.

The first sign we were from Alternate Orbits: my question about wound cleaning thingos, the latest-greatest saline-squirters.
Me: this’ll help my techs get wounds cleaner, faster. Wounds are terrifically challenging, and they bill well.
Him: no billing, no collections. Wounds closed by PA’s.

Me: (attempting to recover the awkwardness) We do a decent number of sonos in my ED, mostly FAST scans, the occasional EVUS.
Him: “We’re basically residents. If we had a sono they’d just say ‘do a sono and call us back’, so it’d just increase my work”.

It’s weird to meet people from other worlds. I wish him well, and pray our worlds never collide.