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MedBlogs Grand Rounds XXII

Catallarchy ? Grand Rounds XXII

Welcome to Catallarchy, home of this week’s Grand Rounds. This is the first time that the Rounds is being hosted by a blog not solely dedicated to medical topics. However, I am a fourth-year medical student preparing to enter pathology, and my co-blogger Jonathan Wilde is a resident in the Northeast. It is an honor to take part in the growing medical blogosphere’s weekly gala.

A terrific number of contributors this week, something for nearly everyone!

What IS Kaiser?

From the comments to another post:

What is Kaiser? What does it mean? Why is that doc so limited in what he does? Does it make his job better? Are all docs in CA Kaiser? Does Kaiser make people healthier? Do Docs enjoy working with /for Kaiser???

Just trying to get up to speed on this real world stuff. thanks,

Well, now, what an opportunity to educate, but not to flame Kaiser (or Suzanne).

First, here’s their very nice website, and now it’s your turn, gentle readers, to tell us the good, bad and other, from whatever your viewpoint.