Archives for February 24, 2005

Singing “Happy Birthday” in an ER

…tonight were, I presume, relatives of a patient. Not my patient, and it was busy, but I couldn’t help but look into the curtained cublcle from whence the tune was coming.

Two nicely dressed ladies were singing “Happy Birthday” to an elder in bed, with a c-collar in place. It was a perfectly good rendition, but not something I hear very often (OK, ever) in the ED. I suppose a decent number of people wind up in the ER on milestone dates like anniversaries and birthdays: illness and injury are disrespectful of our mortal celebrations.

Again, I was busy and didn’t get the whole story, but it seemed these people were making the best of a bad situation, and they’re to be commended for it. I hope I’m never a patient on my birthday, but if I am, sing me the song!

Camera Phones and Medicine – Camera phones may make a doctor’s house calls – Feb 22, 2005

Next up for cell phones with built-in digital cameras: making house calls for doctors.

Next to come: plaintiff’s attorneys paying for their photos.

I thought about this while suturing a patinet recently, and the patients’ friend took ‘before and after’ photos while I was in the room. While I wasn’t in the pictures (so far as I know), it made me wonder what new chicanery lies in store. Makes me want to take my own ‘before and after’ wound pictures (although when I brought this up so many committees and lawyers were suggested I let it go).

It’s a brave new world, and it’s going to be caught on digicams. Goody.

PS: (I’ll know it’s a new world when my telephone book doesn’t make me feel soiled just touching it: plaintiff lawyer ads front, spine and back covers).

Abbreviations, Acronyms and Medicine

Gentle Reader,
On occasion it’s handy in medicine to use the “insider” acronym, as COPD is easier than Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Notice the little dots under COPD? Hover your cursor over the letters, and an explanation should magically appear.

So, if there are little dots under acronyms from now on, there’s an explanation available.

Crud. After fooling with this ‘feature’ in 3 browsers, trust Internet Explorer to screw it up. So, if you use IE you won’t be able to see these, unless you just hover the cursor over every acronym, as the little dots don’t show up. Thanks, IE. Turns out it just doesn’t preview correctly in IE, but publishes as hoped. Sorry IE!