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Consumers Union ad for Progenitorivox

Consumers Union: sent me an email, asking that I highlight their campaign to put pressure on Congress to get all drug test results released before a drug is released to the public. While I agree that sounds good on its face, I’d want to see the details before I signed on.

However, you should definitely follow the link to watch their catchy ad about a made-up drug called “Progenitorivox” by SquabbMerlCo, which I’ve now watched four times, seeing something new every time, and lauging. Watch to the end, their parody of drug disclaimers is terrific.

Then, read their site, and fill out the form to advocate for their position, should you agree.

ED doctors on receiving end of threats, violence

from AMedNews (the AMA’s news service) comes this:

Emergency physicians face perhaps the greatest likelihood of violent encounters with patients. But internists, surgeons and others are not immune.

By Damon Adams, AMNews staff. March 7, 2005.

A man high on cocaine punched four people in a Michigan emergency department before a doctor intervened and the unruly patient slugged him twice in the face.

The emergency physician needed eight stitches to close his gashed forehead. The patient spent the night in jail.

The scuffle was recalled by an anonymous emergency physician who participated in a new study on violence in emergency departments in Michigan. The study, released online last month by the Annals of Emergency Medicine, found that 76% of the 171 emergency physicians in the survey reported experiencing at least one violent act the previous year.

Three in four respondents to the 2002 questionnaire reported verbal threats, while 28% said they were victims of physical assaults. Nearly 12% were confronted outside the ED and 3.5% were stalked. The acts prompted 42% of the doctors to seek protection, including 18% who obtained a gun and 20% who bought a knife.

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What Happened to WriteWing?

Does anyone know what happened to Diana or The WriteWing? It used to be a frequently updated medblog of a nurse in Detroit. Now it’s something else, entirely. I’ve emailed her, no response. Anybody else know what’s up?