Abbreviations, Acronyms and Medicine

Gentle Reader,
On occasion it’s handy in medicine to use the “insider” acronym, as COPD is easier than Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Notice the little dots under COPD? Hover your cursor over the letters, and an explanation should magically appear.

So, if there are little dots under acronyms from now on, there’s an explanation available.

Crud. After fooling with this ‘feature’ in 3 browsers, trust Internet Explorer to screw it up. So, if you use IE you won’t be able to see these, unless you just hover the cursor over every acronym, as the little dots don’t show up. Thanks, IE. Turns out it just doesn’t preview correctly in IE, but publishes as hoped. Sorry IE!


  1. Aw man! I need that feature for my life!!!!!

    TS, OCD, ADHD, IgG subclass 2 deficiency 1 son
    TS, OCD, ADD, Hypogammagobulinimia other son
    PPS, RAD, COPD, GERD, BE, IBS …hubby

    Can you imgine how much easier my life would be if I could just wear one of those, and people could just scan me? I’d never have to explain a thing!

  2. Very nice!!!


  1. symtym says:

    Acronym Tag

    Very nice tag, hat tip GruntDoc