Georgia Stabbings from the Surgeon who Treated

A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure

I was helping out a gynecologist friend of mine answer the age old question: Is it appendicitis or PID? I won, he lost. As I helped him free up the TOA the ED called up with a “trauma alert”. Several children in cardiac arrest. Bidding farewell I went down to the ED. Four children with penetrating injury, unknown number in full arrest.
First child arrives, followed shortly by another.

And yes, even people who see tragedy daily are affected by it:

It was truly like a bad episode of “ER” with shouting and lots of people working furiously to save these children’s lives. Paramedics carrying limp bodies of bloodied children into the trauma bay. Then going outside to cry, vomit, or both. Nurses and house staff running these patients to the OR, then themselves breaking through the brittle shell holding their emotions in check.
As for myself, I could not comprehend what could drive someone to do this. How sick or evil this person was to do this to innocent and helpless children. What psychological price will these little ones pay for the rest of their lives?
As I was rounding one them today one told me, “I was bad.”
“No ____, you have been very good throughout all this. And you will get better”
So far, my brittle shell is only cracked.

Read it all, if you can. Man is capable of the most extraordinary evil, and astonishing good, both demonstrated here.


  1. Grim's Hall says:

    Why We Love Medics

    We often think of the serviceman, the armed citizen, and the policeman who confronts evil directly. But the medics are the ones who pick up the pieces, and start putting it all back together.