My Magic Wand

Today, one of the nurses gave me a gift.

I DO have a magic wand

I will often tell people that “I wish I had a magic wand, I’d wave it and make you all better…” followed by a more earthly plan of action. This is sometimes amusing to the staff.

Not as amusing as giving an EM doc a magic wand in a busy ED. Much conversation ensued. The funniest had to do with a conversation amongst the techs about where to store it. “With the anoscopes” was the answer, and I hope they were kidding.

Now, if I only had the power to wield it!


  1. My unit has a magic wand, too. It’s pink and a lot more girly than yours :-) We bring it out every now and then to amuse ourselves (and some patients.)
    It even makes a sound: Brrrrrrrring!! Does yours?? :-)

  2. Geena, I think we have the same wand in our er. :)

  3. Yes, it makes noises that I presume are magical. I’ll try it out someday.

    I need to look into how to bill for this procedure, though.

  4. If you figure out how to make it work … will you promise to email me and tell me where you work so I can come let you use it on me? Or you can just send it to my doctors! They’ve promised me the magic wand treatment if they ever find one. ;) I promised if I ever heard about one, I’d let them know.

  5. Do they make magic wands to get me through next Wednesday’s “fake patient” interview and next Friday’s exam? If they do…I’d like one. Soon.