Archives for March 1, 2005

MedBlogs Grand Rounds XXIII

intueri: to contemplate

Welcome to Grand Rounds. Please be seated and peruse the menu for this week’s premium medical dishes. The diversity of our selections can suit your every gustatory whim. We trust that you will discover several delectable morsels and savor this intellectual culinary experience. Bon appetit!

Blogrolling off (temporarily)

As of 5 AM blogrolling seems to be having “issues”, and it’s killing the page loading. So, for the mean time, I’ve taken it off to let the site load. It’ll be back, but not until it works well again.

Update: Fixed.

Around the World Solo Airplane Flight

Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer : Flight Tracker He’s airborne! I hope he makes it all the way around, as taking it apart and shipping it home is probably not an option.

Oh, their site is really slow now, so it’s not you.