Archives for March 2, 2005

Global Flyer: Short on Fuel

8am tues update

Mission Control have released a statement this morning regarding a loss of fuel in the early hours of Steve Fossett’s flight, which could lead to the attempt being abandoned.
There was a discrepancy of 2,600 pounds in readings between the fuel burn and a series of probes in the main beams of the Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer in the first three and a half hours of the flight.
During last night, Mission Control carried out various tests, but still know little as to why and how the problem occurred. Early flight fuel readings have been concluded to be “not accurate”, and the lower reading of the amount of fuel onboard is the one that has been taken into account by the team for safety reasons.
Jon Karkow from Scaled Composites was unable to say whether it was due to leakage or evaporation. “We really don’t know what it is… It’s more than likely a system issue, such as a fuel venting line. It’s been very puzzling for us, and we saw it quite early on.”

Umm, if it was seen THAT early-on, why not just do an abort back home and try again? As I write this he’s just left Japanese airspace and will make a decision halfway to Hawaii about continuation.

His plane has an enormous wingspan, and it’ll probably glide for quite a while, but it’s a long way home from where he is.

Solutions to ED Overcrowding: Suggestions

I have thought about the overcrowding in my ED and about ways to solve, or at least mitigate it. As there are several medical visionaries who read this blog (and the rest will probably need an ED someday), so I’m looking for constructive criticism.

First, I propose the ED Lobby Vending Machine™, which will have the following: Hydrocodone, Amoxicillin and Work Excuses. They’ll be in single day packs, the machines will accept all major credit cards. A third of my truly questionable visits would/should use this and be gone. (I need a feature so they can bill it to their ever-present cellphone).

That leaves the remaining crush of patients. I don’t know if you’ve had this experience, but our ED has been wall-to-wall patients, literally. We have patients lining all the hallways, in beds: now, we’re running out of hallway space. Therefore, let’s go up! Stackable Patient Beds™, using those stand-on forklifts see in warehouse stores like Home Depot or Costco. I mean, with a zillion patients in the hall it’s not like anything’s going to happen quickly anyway, and expansion possibilities! The roof’s the limit!

Those are my considered solutions at the moment. I look forward to your constructive criticism.