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In the ED we don’t get many compliments. It goes with the job, I suppose, and with an ever-coarsening, ‘Me’ centered society which expects to live in perfect health, forever.

That’s not to say we don’t get any compliments. There’s a board in the Nurses’ lounge with nice cards and letters from patients who were happy with their care. These generally praise their nurse (who deserves the most praise), then their doc, and the techs, etc). This is one of the nice things about working in Texas, there are still some folks who are appreciative and will express it.

I have had a couple of compliments recently, which is always a nice surprise: two patients recently asked me “for my card” and inquired as to whether I’d be their doctor. I’ve had this happen before, and it always makes me a tiny bit guilty that I’m just an ER doc, but then I remember I’d just be miserable in longitudinal patient care. So, I tell them I’m just an ER doc, I only work here, but when they come in I’ll be glad to take good care of them.

As an aside, they’re usually patients I spend about two minutes with, presenting their problems and prognosis in an ‘unvarnished truth’ sort of way. Interesting.

MedBlogs Grand Rounds XXIV

Hospice Blog: Grand Rounds: Edition 24

Welcome to the 24th edition of Grand Rounds! I am not a doctor, nor am I good looking enough to play one on TV, so my knowledge of what rounds are like comes from my addiction to the TV show “Scrubs”. Since I’m not funny enough to make this post like that, I’m going to do the thing that hospice workers do best. I’m going to tell you the truth, give you your options, and let you decide what you want to do next.

I count 21 different blogs included, with terrific posts. Enjoy!