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UAW screws USMC

In case you wondered how Organized Labor supports the Marines: WXYZ: Local News

…Some U.S. Marines say they were surprised by the decision made by Detroit auto workers about parking. It all started with the cars some Marines drove, and what was on them.

The words that have some U.S. Marines in shock came from the man in charge of security at the UAW Solidarity House, on Jefferson in Detroit. For a number of years now, dozens of Marine reservists have been thankful to park in the UAW’s lot for weekend training with no problem at all – until now.

Marines at nearby Marine Corps Reserve Center say on Tuesday morning, the director of security at the UAW told them that while they support the troops, Marines driving foreign vehicles or sporting a President George Bush bumper sticker were no longer welcome to park there…

Well, it’s their parking lot, and they can do with it what they want.

It’s just interesting they can’t support the troops without applying their biases first. And more than a little depressing.

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Update: GoogleAds has a sense of humor:

I wonder if this is what they had in mind
Click image to see full sized irony

Update 2: UAW reportedly sees light, relents. Damage still done.

Another Nail in the Head

I don’t know if I am just sensitive to these, or if I’m seeing more than others, but we had another nail to the skull recently:

That's gotta hurt

oh, man, it does hurt

This poor fellow had a 2×4 fall from a height and just impale itself in his head. Fire cut the board off the patient, and sent him to us.

Yes, on the CT (sorry, no photo) it does penetrate the dura and tickles the brain. The patient was awake and alert, and after a trip to the OR (presumably with either a slide-hammer or vise grips) and did well.