Archives for March 18, 2005

Match Day was Yesterday

Oops, I missed it. But, it doesn’t affect me like it does Blogborygmi.

The NRMP match algorithm takes, I’m told, about 90 seconds to assign this year’s 16,500 medical students and 10,000 FMGs to one of hundreds of programs in dozens of specialties. On Monday, we were informed whether or not we matched. The program directors learned the neames of their new trainees yesterday. The medical schools got the list of programs this morning.

And, just after noon, as results were posted on the NRMP website, our Dean handed the each applicant an envelope with our match results.


He’s linked to some other medical students who have matched, which is a great feeling. Bright futures all around.

Comments Take Off

For those who don’t really study the comments counters, this thread has been very busy of late: GruntDoc: Texas MedMal in the News.

A synopsis of comments: me: medmal reform good. Other commenters: medmal reform bad; those who believe it dupes, stooges for insurance companies, or worse.

Oh, and with a Cigna settlement thrown in to muddy the waters. Just some of the fun of blogging!