Archives for March 19, 2005

EMS Live

EMSLive emailed me the other day, mostly so I’d know they exist. They have audio interviews about, by and for Paramedics (and I suppose other prehospital healthcare people, but their focus is the Paramedic). They also have a chat function.

EMSLive is the place to start. Now, I’m always reluctant to sit through taped content like this unless I’m already trapped (in my car, for instance). I can visually scan written material and decide if I want to read / get involved in about 5 seconds, which is impossible with audio (IMHO). So, I haven’t tried it yet.

Anyway, if you’re a Paramedic, you should go and give it a try!

Socialized Medicine, Cuban Style

In case you were under the impression that “free” and “quality” are synonyms in medicine, here are some photos from a Cuban hospital.