Archives for March 26, 2005

Dr. Charles and Big Pharma

Seems Dr. Charles has had reasons to consider the pros and cons of the pharmaceutical industry recently:
The Examining Room of Dr. Charles: Monkey Business

…this past week, three incidents occurred in rapid succession that have me resenting Big Pharma.

Just do what we did, Dr. Charles, and ban the reps. You’ll get more done, and not feel grimy after talking to them.

Identity Theft Story

Identity theft is something I am concerned about, and have so far been lucky (googles for picture of wood, knocks on screen). Here’s a guy whose credit cards were being used to rip him off, and he caught the theives! publius_ovidius: Don’t [mess] with Ovid — the long version

This morning, I found out that thousands of dollars of charges had been made on two of my credit cards in the past two days. Now, the identity thieves are sitting in jail. This is how it happened. It involves identity theft, a careless thief, one pissed-off Ovid and lots of luck.

Ovid is the blogger, and it’s a very interesting story. More interesting than the last episode of 24 I watched, anyway.