BlogAds gets an ad!

You may have noticed the forlorn little BlogAds code sitting on the right sidebar, looking a little sad as there were no advertisers. Thanks to GPInformatics-MEDI Binder, the little code has a purpose!

I like this product idea, and personally recommend it, especially for people who have more than 3 medicines / allergies, more than 3 doctors, or more than three surgical scars on the body.

A description:

The Medi Binder is an organizational system designed to help you keep track of the most important aspects of your medical records. It is NOT a complete medical record, just the highlights that will allow healthcare providers to make an informed judgement when needed.
Currently the Medi Binder is composed of twelve sections:

Anyway, click over and look at it. If you like it, try it out.

As a practicing doc, having a patient with one of these would be wonderful!

By the way this product is brought to you by a doctor with a blog, Galen’s Log. How does he have time to blog AND start a company? The mind boggles.