Dr. Charles and Big Pharma

Seems Dr. Charles has had reasons to consider the pros and cons of the pharmaceutical industry recently:
The Examining Room of Dr. Charles: Monkey Business

…this past week, three incidents occurred in rapid succession that have me resenting Big Pharma.

Just do what we did, Dr. Charles, and ban the reps. You’ll get more done, and not feel grimy after talking to them.


  1. Timothy Donnelly MD says:

    Pharma reps as a whole get a bad rap. They are usually in and out quickly and do provide info.

    I spoke with a recent grad who was only familiar with the drugs on her hospital formulary after
    all reps were banned. She did not know what Xopenex or Ketek were. Whether or not you agree with the utility of new drugs, you should at least know what’s out there. Without marketing new better drugs would not make it. Which of you wants to take Tagamet instead of Nexium if you have erosive esophagitis as I do?