EMS Live

EMSLive emailed me the other day, mostly so I’d know they exist. They have audio interviews about, by and for Paramedics (and I suppose other prehospital healthcare people, but their focus is the Paramedic). They also have a chat function.

EMSLive is the place to start. Now, I’m always reluctant to sit through taped content like this unless I’m already trapped (in my car, for instance). I can visually scan written material and decide if I want to read / get involved in about 5 seconds, which is impossible with audio (IMHO). So, I haven’t tried it yet.

Anyway, if you’re a Paramedic, you should go and give it a try!


  1. Yea, I have been affiliated with them since they started. They joined EmergiBlogs. Its not a bad place to get a heads up on the latest events/news in EMS, both pre-hospital and in-hospital.

    Anyway, I received a little email from them the other day as well. They now offer an include for thier latest audio news reels.

  2. Thanks for commenting on our site in your blog. It’s always fun to run into something about us online.

    A couple of pionts:

    Our show is free and live every Tuesday night. This lets listeners get professional aswers to their questions. We are a conference each week and you don’t have to leave your home. :)

    As for scanning material, I am like you time is important! That is why we send out a newsletter outlining each show. Plus you can enter a word in our search engine and find the audio topic your looking for. Download it and play it in your car’s CD player.

    Also it fun to join our chatroom every Tuesday night and listen to our experts.

    You’re missing out in all the fun and the best part of the internet, “sharing and communicating” by not visiting EMS Live.