“Fun in the Emergency Room” by a patient

No Treason ? Fun in the Emergency Room

I did a dumb thing the Saturday before last. While sawing a rabbet in the edge of a board, my table saw kicked the board back at me. As the result of my instant, unthinking attempt to catch the flying board, I opened my left index finger up, down to the bone.

I initially called to my lovely wife for help, but then decided that she probably didn’t really need to see it. I wrapped it in a towel and baggie, and, since it was past 8:30 at night and the Prompt Care was closed, drove myself to the emergency room.

I spent the next three hours recieving a total of 20 minutes of medical care, in three different rooms. I don’t fault the doctors, of course, and I’m happy to have their expertise, but the sheer institutionalism and bureaucratic mindlessness of it all is worse every time I end up in a hospital.

I recommend reading the entire post. He’s peeved about a lot of the things I see as screwy nearly every shift.

When you’re done with the article, read the comments. They’re interesting, too. Everyone has a ‘fix’ for modern medicine / healthcare, and I don’t think we’re going to like the fixes much better than what we have now (though I’m willing to try nearly anything).