Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad

Happy Fmaily at Easter
From all of us!


  1. AuntSusie says:

    What fun to see ALL of you – without ANY gray hair!!!luv,suz

  2. Mary Jane Shands says:

    What a great photo! This is precisely the way I remember you and your brother. I am Gwen’s cousin in Brownsville, TX. Just want to say how much I enjoy your website and vicariously keeping up with your precious family through Gwen. We are so proud of our Grunt Doc. Cheers!

  3. Sharon Bryant Kupit says:

    I found your site while reading items about Vail Bed Products. My son Josef was asphyxiated in a Vail 1000 bed September 28, 2001. I reported it to the FDA, as did the medical examiner who did his post, in the spring of 2002. I got a form letter back that the FDA gets thousands of reports each year and cannot act on all of them. I think the cumulative weight of all of the dead kids’ bodies finally got them off their butts in the spring of 2005. I didn’t know the FDA could order federal marshals to seize anything either, but I’m sure glad they did. The company has folded, is out of business, is gone forever. For that I am truly grateful