Medblogger hosts Carnival of the Vanities

MedBlogs Grand Rounds (see link in yesterdays’ posts) is modeled after COTV, hosted this week by CodeBlueBlog: CodeBlueBlog: The 131st Carnival of the Vanities. It looks like a lot of work, and what a job he’s done!

There’s even an introduction to the medblogs for the COTV audience (yours truly is described as a stud of the ER!), and that’s great for all of us medbloggers.

So, after you’ve memorized the MedBlogs Grand Rounds, head over to the rest of the blogworld, at CBB.


  1. Just stopped in to say thanks to ER Docs, as I did recently in person to Dr. Rea in Midland who was astute enough to quickly recognize my upper back aches as heart problems.

    Triple by-pass the next day. Dr. Rea stopped up to check further while I was in Cardiac Recovery. A good man…

  2. I agree about Dr. Rea. I worked with him for about a year, and he’s as good as they get.