Midland Medal of Honor Winner Dies

Via MyWestTexas.com

George H. O’Brien Jr., a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, died Friday following a hospital stay. He was 78.

“He was one of the finest men I’ve ever had the honor of getting to know,” said Russell “Rusty” McInturff, director of development of the Commemorative Air Force, where a new addition will bear O’Brien’s name. “He was honest in all dealings, a gentleman. I don’t know of a person who has a better reputation in this town.”

The CAF is currently constructing a hall that will recognize the 82 Texans who received the Medal of Honor. The CAF announced the hall would be named after O’Brien in the fall of 2003.

O’Brien received the Medal of Honor from President Eisenhower following heroic actions during the Korean War.

O’Brien was a 2nd lieutenant and platoon leader who successfully fought off the enemy to maintain a strategic position. O’Brien was seriously injured, but he continued the fight and tended to other wounded Marines before he allowed himself to be treated.

This incident is indicative of O’Brien’s character, said long-time friend Frank Cahoon. He wasn’t just doing his job as a Marine; he was a real hero, Cahoon said.

Born in Fort Worth, enlisted in Big Spring, and died in Midland. I suppose he liked Highway 80.

There are now three living Texans who hold the Medal of Honor.

Well-done writeups of his actions, the official citation, and a photo of him with Eisenhower can be found here.