New Palm for me!

My old Palm Tungsten T crapped out on me last night, at work. The sense of loss, mixed with relief, was terrific. I have never really liked the T, as it required two hands to open for any real use. I’d been looking forward to replacing it, but couldn’t bring myself to toss it while it still worked. Now, it works no more, and having it fixed is half the cost of a new one, and I wanted to replace it anyway (Rationalization, call your office).

So, I’m now the ?proud? owner of a Tungsten T5, which is bigger but lighter than the one it replaces, with a much bigger screen. The screen is my only concern, as I’ve read reviews saying it’s too dim, though the demo in the store looked fine.

For the record, I looked at the Ipaq’s, hard, but cannot shake the MS fear. It’s my problem, not theirs, but I’m still a Palm guy.

For now.


  1. I have old Palm 5, still works fine


  1. New Palm for Gruntdoc

    I guess it will happen to all of us at some stage. Your PDA will die on you. Nothing is forever and worse still, due to what I suspect is built-in self-destruct obsolescence, it will die on you sooner than the PDAs made 5 years ago.