The Traveling Story

The Examining Room of Dr. Charles: The Traveling Story

I’d like to introduce a fabulous story, written by seven authors. About a month ago I had an idea – how fun would it be to start a fictional story, then send it out to a chain of waiting writers to add their own creative spins to it! I asked seven medical bloggers who frequently write some imaginative posts to build the first “traveling story” with me. I believe it may be the first of its kind on the internet. I hope you all enjoy!

And it’s very good!


  1. thanks for the link, glad you liked the craziness. Watch out, or you’ll be asked to contribute a page in the future!!!

  2. You’re quite welcome for the link. I don’t think I have those skills, though.

  3. This was awesome, thanks! REad my comment to his post, going hand in hand with my recent “why I hate my job” post. I may end up in a fugue myself before the next 3 months are up!