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MedBlogs Grand Rounds XXVIII

Polite Dissent

Welcome to the Twenty-Eighth Edition of Med Blogs Grand Rounds. Presented below are the cream of the crop from the past week???s medical blogging, covering everything from politics to television.

Cool! Cartoon representations! The variety of hosting methods never ceases to amaze me.

Next week, it’s here! Start your blogging!

The IndePundit’s Wife is in the Hospital

The Indepundit

I HATE HOSPITALS. No matter how courteous, efficient, and professional the staff might be, the patients are always left feeling like pieces of baggage. There is no room for modesty or pride when your body is entangled in tubes and wires.

And then there is the waiting. Waiting to be seen. Waiting for lab results. Waiting for medication. Water. Food. But even the most comfortable and well-run hospital in the world has one crucial flaw: it’s not home.

Tonight, while I toss and turn in an empty bed, my wife is alone in a noisy building full of strangers and machines…

From what I read, she’s going to be OK, but it’s always painful to have a loved one in the hospital.