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The Cheerful Oncologist has a new address

The Cheerful Oncologist is now at . Update your bookmarks accordingly.

Blog Housekeeping

First, I’m sending replies to everyone who submits a link for this week’s Grand Rounds, so if you don’t get an email from me after about 12 hours, please send it again.

Second, I’ve added another layer of spammer-be-gone technology in the comments. It should be transparent to you, but if it blocks your comment please send me an email with your comment and what the malfunction looked like.

Trauma conference report

Today was the actual conference, and I was there. So were about 350+ other folks, so it was quite well attended.

The vast majority of the talks had very little to do with my day to day practice of Emergency Medicne, but it was still interesting. For the benefit of those who care, here’s my synopsis of the meeting:
– watchful waiting, with early selective splenic artery embolization is the way to go in bulnt trauma, regardless of age.
– QuickClot is the hemostatic agent most appreciated by the Marines in Iraq. HBOC’s (artificial blood) are on the short horizon. Whole blood is probably better, but you can’t get it.
– Help your hospitals’ antibiotic resistance by getting rid of all the 3rd generation cephalosporins (except Rocephin).
– Pediatric trauma: leave the spleen alone, ditto the vascularly-injured kidney; get the broken parts of the pancreas out.
– “The doppler is the tool of the Devil: if you can’t feel it, it’s not there”.
– EMS helos are overused, and maybe not financially viable. Everyone loves them, though.
– Domestic violence is bad. Documentation helps patients and prosecutors.
– Violence diversion programs have been tried, and are at best a wash.

Decent way to kill a day for CME.

Another Google Feature

Google now gives factual answers to questions at the top of the results page, with a link to the blog from which the answer came. Google just keeps getting better and better.

One of my favorite questions is: “How tall is the Eiffel Tower?”. Per google, the answer is

Eiffel Tower
Height: 300.51 meters (986 feet) (+/- 15 cm depending on temperature)
According to