Archives for April 16, 2005

MD Net Guide

Alerted by Kevin, M.D., there’s another article about medical bloggers by  MD Net Guide.  About moi:

Another good example of this type of blog is GruntDoc (, the 2004 winner of the Medical Weblog Awards prize for Best Medical Weblog. GruntDoc, an emergency medicine physician and former field surgeon for the US Marine Corps, offers perceptive and usually sardonic opinions of medical issues large and small.

I don’t get the ‘bop buddy’ meme assigned to Kevin, MD (mostly because I’m square enough not to know what it means).

So, which is more voluminous: the writing of medical bloggers, or the writing about us?

Some things change, others stay the same

This is my first post using a new blogging tool for me, TypePad.  It’s the paid product of the same, free software I’ve been using for about 3 years, Moveable Type.  Why the switch? Glad you asked!

I realized my time has being spent keeping the back-end (the part not seen) running, while ignoring the actual fun of blogging.  Believe me, the joy of figuring out how to edit a .pl file to insert the direct server path to a library pales after just a few moments.  So, I’ll leave the actual operation of the site to pros, and just work on the part you, valued reader, see.

This has other benefits: a WYSIWYG editor, just like stripped-down Word, so very little <put obscure thing here> in my future!  (I did find an interesting way to completely hose a .php blog is to close a tag with a ? instead of a /).  Also, a spell-checker is added, so I’ll just use the wrong word now, instead of a misspelled one.

With all the benefits come some changes
.  All the old permalinks are now dead, sorry.  And, to add insult to injury, TypePad doesn’t have a search function (inexplicably), and trials with the Google version have been fruitless. 

Also gone are the pretty picture-links in the sidebar.  They were a lot of fun, but actually really became an impediment to adding new blogs to the rolls, as it took some editing to make a pic, etc.  Downside, no pics; upside, more links (to come).

So, thanks for reading, and now (hopefully) I’ll spend more time on the blogging.