Best Chief Complaint of the Year

A patient checked in, waited to be seen for the following:

"I get real hungry before I eat".



  1. Uh oh…same thing happens to me — it might be contagious!

  2. I have the same problem!

  3. It’s a pandemic! Someone call the WHO!

  4. Bad Shift says:

    How about this one from the night before last: “My vagina didn’t look like I expected when I examined it with a mirror.”

  5. My problem is I’m hungry after I eat!

    But seriously…what did you do for this guy?

  6. Goat Whacker says:

    I had a patient complain that when he drank a lot of liquids he would urinate a lot more.

  7. And if the patient used to feel really different before eating, this may be a serious symptom. Worse, the patient might be unfamiliar with hunger pangs and just assume that whatever pain accompanies an empty stomach m,ust be hunger.

    Was this patent taken seriously, just in case? Could we have a nasty ulcer here?
    – Precision Blogger

  8. GruntDoc says:

    This patient got an enormous, entirely negative, workup.

  9. I’d love to trade this guys complaint for mine.


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