Dept. of Blog Corrections

No, not prison for bloggers.  I said something that was wrong, and will correct it.

Per HIPAA Blog:

…The fact that something bad happens doesn’t mean there’s a HIPAA violation. The fact that PHI gets improperly disclosed doesn’t mean that there’s a HIPAA violation. HIPAA doesn’t require that PHI never get out wrongly, it just requires that covered entities take reasonable steps to try to prevent that.

This was in response to my comment in yesterdays’ Grand Rounds that the loss of computers with patient names, etc, was a violation.  HIPAA Blog is written by a lawyer who specializes in those matters, so he’s better able to judge whether an error was made.

An error was made, and it was mine.  I stand corrected.

via HIPAA Blog, which is different than the above referenced HIPAA blog.  Not very original with their names.