Get me a spatula! STAT!

From the Cleveland Plain-Dealer: Get me a spatula! STAT!.

To promote team-building among its emergency-room doctors, administrators at the hospital have hired chef Sue Weiler, of Sue Times Two, to do a one-time hands-on luncheon class today at Sur La Table in Woodmere.

"We were looking for a creative venue that makes a good metaphor for emergency medicine. Cooking requires a fast pace, coordinated teamwork and strong leadership," said Dr. Cameron Symonds, chief resident of emergency medicine at MetroHealth Medical Center.

About 35 emergency-room physicians will be involved in this venture. The plan is to have five culinary teams at five work stations, in Sur La Table’s professional kitchen, prepare a challenging menu and serve it for lunch.

The menu will include: spinach yogurt soup with herbed pita toasts, mixed greens with manchego cheese, chunky salmon cakes with chives and crescent roll ground beef Wellington with spicy mustard sauce.

Symonds feels that bringing his medical team into a fun and relaxed atmosphere will help strengthen camaraderie.

"Our goal is to create a strong bond with our residents. A lot of emergency care requires fundamental skills and management of medical professionals," says Symonds.

Cooking is an OK metaphor for Emergency Medicine, and I’m not sure how this ‘promotes team-builiding’.  It’s a good way to find out who’s more assertive, and who has cooked before.

Sounds like a fun afternoon for the residents, though.


  1. Mrs. Fred says:

    My question is: How many emergency medical people are familiar with these dishes?

  2. GruntDoc says:

    35 more today!


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