Orac and Tangled Bank

Respectful Insolence (a.k.a. “Orac Knows”): The Tangled Bank XXV: Dear Journal Editor, It’s Me Again

Tangled Bank is about science. So what do scientists do? Well, they do research and experiments. But what do they do after they do their research? They submit articles reporting the results of their research to scientific journals, of course, hoping to get published in a high visibility journal. It’s publish or perish! And, sadly, their articles get rejected. A lot. All too often with nasty comments from the reviewers. I had my organizing principle!

With that inspiration, I knew what I had to pattern this week’s Tangled Bank after: Roy F. Baumeister???s famous comic diatribe against an intransigent journal editor and the journal???s bloodthirsty reviewers. I hereby present to you, blatantly (but lovingly) stolen and altered at will to my own nefarious ends:

Go and read the nefarious ends!