Site design oddities in IE

I just noticed that, at certain screen size settings, Internet Explorer (IE) causes the center section width to run all the way to the left margin, but the text stays in place.  This is with a fairly broad (1280 wide) setting, decreasing it fixes the problem.

I don’t have this in Opera or Firefox, so it’s just another example of IE not palaying nicely with CSS.  I read that the next IE browser, in beta form, comes out ‘sometime this summer’ and is supposed to play better with CSS.

So, sorry if it looks funny in your browser,  Try out Firefox (free) or Opera (free with ads, or about $40 and no ads).


  1. Don’t ya just love coding?

    I like how IE doesn’t always play by the rules…I think even if you’re XHTML compliant, IE will occasionally screw up.